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Cámara de Representantes  Popular

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D.I.N.A.C.I.A.  Popular

Dirección Nacional de Aviación Civil e Infraestructura Aeronáutica D.I.N.A.C.I.A.

Avda. Camino de las Industrias Wilson Ferreira Aldunate (ex Camino Carrasco) 5519,
Canelones, Uruguay
Teléfono: (+598 2) 604-04-08
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Harta, drapel si statistica Uruguay  Popular

www.util21.ro este o marca inregistrata a firmei "SC UtilUzin SRL" Bucuresti.
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Military Aircraft Insignia of the World  Popular

Military Aircraft Insignia of the Uruguay
Uruguayan aircraft insignia History
   The original flag of Uruguay, until 1828, was a horizontal tricolour of blue, white and blue, with a broad red diagonal band. Rudder striping and a roundel version of this flag have been used on Uruguayan aircraft since the formation of the air force in 1916. 
   In 1924, a naval air arm was formed which used the modern Uruguayan flag as a rudder marking, This is nine blue and white horizontal lines, representing the original nine provinces, with a white quarter containing the independence emblem, the 'Sun of May'. These aircraft also carry black or white anchors inboard of the air force roundels, 
   Since 1954, in common with many other Latin American countries, Uruguay has marked its wing insignia above the port and below the starboard. From the early 1990s it has been usual to use a flag fin flash rather than rudder markings.

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Presidencia de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay  Popular

Tabaré Vázquez
Tabaré Vázquez

Actualmente en el cargo
Desde el 1 de marzo de 2005
Vicepresidente   Rodolfo Nin Novoa
Precedido por Jorge Batlle

5 de mayo de 1990 – 5 de mayo de 1994
Precedido por Julio Iglesias
Sucedido por Tabaré González
Nacimiento 17 de enero de 1940 (68 años)
Bandera de Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay
Partido Frente Amplio
Partido Socialista del Uruguay
Cónyuge María Auxiliadora Delgado
Profesión Médico oncólogo

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Sistemul juridic in Uruguay  Popular

DreptOnline.ro - Resursa ta de Drept
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Uruguayan Ministry of Foreign Relations  Popular

Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores - Republica Oriental del Uruguay
Ministerul de Relatii Externe Uruguayan 

 El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores es el órgano político-administrativo del Gobierno, encargado de la conducción de la política internacional de la República Oriental del Uruguay compete al Presidente de la República actuando con el Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores o con el Consejo de Ministros conforme al Artículo 168 de la Constitución de la República.

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World Leaders - Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments  Popular

Chief of State and Cabinet Members of Uruguay Governments
Date of Information: 11/6/2008



Vice Pres.


Min. of Agriculture, Livestock, & Fishing

Ernesto AGAZZI

Min. of Economy & Finance


Min. of Education, Sports, & Youth


Min. of Foreign Affairs


Min. of Health

Maria Julia MUNOZ

Min. of Housing


Min. of Industry, Energy, & Mines


Min. of Interior


Min. of Labor & Social Welfare

Eduardo BONOMI

Min. of National Defense


Min. of Tourism


Min. of Transportation & Public Works

Victor ROSSI

Pres., Central Bank


Ambassador to the US

Carlos GIANELLI Derois

Permanent Representative to the UN, New York


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English Español Românã

Honorary consul

of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in Bucharest
15 Apr. 1992 - 12 Feb. 2009

Octavian Andronic


Mircea Eliade by Pablo Lopez
Album: Great Romanian Personalities in the Uruguayan Graphic Art